Lis Breland-Saalmink

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It is here. Not always.
Some can sense it.
Beyond the pines. Palpable.
Forgotten. And found again.
When it comes to photography, nothing is more beautiful than being a humble observer.
The moments in-between. Unexpected, rich, full of life. Nature, urban sprawl, wilderness or megalopolis; all may provide a relevant canvas.
A body of work as a document of our times, looking over the fence, or calmly gaze along the horizon; a portfolio of journeys, conversations and encounters. Often Low-fi, raw and un-edited, these images are the result of a traditional approach to whatever is lensed. No proverbial settings, no conditioning, but the rugged reality of life; framed in all its facets.

This is what it means to photograph, to see what others might overlook, to capture whatever creeps underneath the surface. Vivid and ever sincere.


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